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The sales environment is changing!

We are being asked to do more with less. There are fewer feet on the street and customers are demanding more and want to pay less. Competition is increasing and often comes from large well funded parent companies. The demands for CRM information, customer satisfaction, market growth, improved margins, new product introduction and account penetration are making life for the sales employee and their managers very difficult. How then do we succeed? What is the magic bullet that will enable more salespeople to achieve targets and sales managers to have the time for coaching and mentoring, as they should?

Well, there is no magic bullet...

Sorry. However, in order to create sustained competitive advantage, it is essential for the sales organization to have a viable plan that includes clear business goals and objectives with the sales, marketing and services strategies to achieve them. Align this with the tactical requirements for execution ….the desired sales behaviours and activities and add the right structure to the roles and sales channels. Once structured properly and there is clarity to how you want them to execute, it is important to identify the key performance metrics that you will use to monitor and evaluate results from your people and teams. Once you have achieved this alignment, the competencies required of your people, the information and processes they will need to succeed and the right sales compensation plan to motivate and reward them will be clear.

Where are the results?

We have seen many organizations that have struggled for years to solve the mystery of why they cannot get the results they expect from their salespeople. In most cases, it is not bad performance, it is bad organization. All of these elements must be integrated in order to create sustained competitive advantage over the competition. The good news is that once you have successfully achieved this alignment and the right programs are in place, not only do you perform better and succeed more often, but it is very difficult for your competitors to emulate. It is not easy to get to this desired state...But it is worth it!

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