Sales Resource Group Founder Recently Interviewed on CPSA’s SalesProChat Show

Sales Resource Group Founder Recently Interviewed on CPSA's SalesProChat Show


Sales Resource Group Founder David Johnston was recently the special guest on the popular SalesProChat podcast with host Bill Banham. Dave has a broad, international consulting background and offers experience, active participation and a Sales Resource Group approach to consulting with clients. David has over 25 years experience consulting for organizations in diverse fields, such as broadcast and print media, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, retail, manufacturing and financial services.

The show is published by the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Listen to the show and discover:

  • What is sales compensation why does it matter?
  • What is a sales compensation plan?
  • Many sales organizations struggle to find the “right” formula of structure and compensation that will support their sales success. What are the variables and which formula works best?
  • How does constant change cause poor channel performance and failure to achieve required sales targets?
  • How can auditing your existing sales compensation plans identify elements which are working and should be kept and parts which need to be changed to improve program effectiveness?
  • How can a Sales Manager use a sales compensation audit to provide a “blueprint” for short and longer-term improvement?
  • Do Millennials and Gen Xers have different motivations and material needs from sales compensation outcomes?
  • Do Canadian companies tend to approach Sales Comp plans different to their US counterparts?
  • What’s new in Canada? Are there any recent/upcoming developments from Ottawa affecting sales comp programmes?

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View the full transcription of this podcast episode here.


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