Commission-Based Sales Pros: How to Make it a Success


One of the factors that encourages many people to take on a career in sales is the commission. Through commission, sales professionals have the opportunity to take home very high incomes; however, they also have the risk of taking home very little. Professionals considering commission-based roles need to be aware of what it takes to make it in sales, and should only take a commission-based role in the right circumstances. What does it take to make it? Read on to find out.

Start with a Great Product

The best sales person in the world could not sell a product that no one wants. The first ingredient for success in a commission-based sales role is to sell a product that has good product-market fit, that is well developed and designed, and that has an established presence in its market. When you are trying to overcome objections about the product itself, or explain to prospects who you are or what your product does, your job as a sales person becomes much harder, which means your commission will suffer. On the other hand, selling a product that meets a customer need, has an intuitive design, and that has some awareness will make closing sales easy.

Look for an Organization That Supports Your Success

No matter how talented you are, there is no chance you will succeed in sales at an organization that doesn’t support you. When your entire paycheque depends on closing sales, it becomes even more important to find an organization that helps its sales team succeed. You should look for an organization that has a strong sales training and mentoring program, clear processes around managing its sales and marketing funnel, and that ensures you have all of the product knowledge and resources you need. With all of the right tools, you will be fully equipped to land your commission every month.

Develop Resiliency, Grit, and a Strong Work Ethic

As a sales person, you hear “no” a lot. It can be discouraging, especially when you are just starting out in a sales career. It’s important to persevere through these tough moments and develop resiliency, however, because that is what will ultimately lead you to success. Prospects often need many touches before they are willing to even consider your product. Once you have convinced them that they need what you are selling, they may need hand holding through the process of buying and implementing. You will need to get used to hearing “no”, and you will need to be able to continue in your sales process without blinking an eye. When it seems like it might be easier to just give up, just remember that this effort will ultimately pay off – in the form of your commission check.

Commission-based sales can be feast or famine; however, with these tips, you will never go hungry.