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Outsourcing Your Sales Compensation Part 1: Outsourcing as a Cost Cutting Measure or Strategic Initiative? In recent years the practice of outsourcing administrative functions has become increasingly prevalent. In particular, transactional activities that do not add value to the core functions and critical competencies of the enterprise have been targeted for contracting out. Payroll, benefits administration, inventory management, freight and logistics are all tasks often done outside, rather than monopolizing the

Sales Resource Group President Featured in The HR Gazette

The Sales Resource Group’s President, David Johnston, was published this week in Toronto-based HR publication, The HR Gazette. David Johnston’s latest article on sales compensation strategies is called Who Owns the Incentive Compensation Plan? and considers why so many incentive programs have failed to meet expectations, what are the root causes of lack of commitment and ownership by the executives, and how to create sales comp plans that will actually work. Here’s an

David Johnston Hosts New CPSA Sales Compensation Podcast

The Canadian Professional Sales Association’s Sales Compensation Strategy podcast series launched this month – promising to tackle the big issues connected with sales compensation, business strategy, and employee recognition. Learning how your sales compensation program aligns with your business goals, and how sales marketing and service strategies will help to achieve those goals is critical in today’s highly competitive local and global economies. This series will feature experts in sales compensation that have

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Segmented Customer Targeting and Life Cycle Value   As companies are moving more and more toward having fewer salespeople on the street, those larger accounts become more critical, and as a result it’s really gets into customer segmentation. When you’re segmenting your customers into your A, B, and C type customers, then you need to have a strategy for your compensation program that says here’s what I need in terms

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What Separates Effective Sales Comp Plans From Those That Fail?     What are the key components of those Sales Compensation plans which succeed when others fall to the wayside? Discover the two key elements.. Another Helpful Tip Brought to You By The Sales Compensation & Strategy Podcast The Sales Compensation & Strategy Podcast by the Sales Resource Group offers sound bites and interviews relating to all things sales compensation-related. Join

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3 Steps to Developing a Sales Compensation Plan     There are, essentially, three elements involved in developing a sales comp plan. The first is the upfront research that needs to be done to give you the data that you need in order to effectively model and calculate. Companies should get input from the leadership and sales leaders within the organization in terms of their direction and what they want

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What is a Sales Compensation Strategy?   A sales compensation strategy is the philosophical approach used to manage sales compensation for all sales roles within an organization, whether it’s inside, outside, channel sales, or major accounts. It is a philosophy and a strategy for how you want to pay your sales people. Another Helpful Tip Brought to You By The Sales Compensation & Strategy Podcast The Sales Compensation & Strategy Podcast

Sales Resource Group Founder Recently Interviewed on CPSA's SalesProChat Show

  Sales Resource Group Founder David Johnston was recently the special guest on the popular SalesProChat podcast with host Bill Banham. Dave has a broad, international consulting background and offers experience, active participation and a Sales Resource Group approach to consulting with clients. David has over 25 years experience consulting for organizations in diverse fields, such as broadcast and print media, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, retail, manufacturing and financial services. The


In today’s competitive sales environment it is not sufficient to set a financial sales target and trust the salesperson to figure out how they are going to deliver it. Further, when this method is utilized across the sales force and all salespeople are left to deduce how to achieve their sales targets, they all interpret differently how to execute against the goals (most with honest intentions, but in the end,