Sales Commission

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to which model of sales compensation is the right for an organisation. The commissions and benefits offered to your sales stars will depend on the products and services you provide, your target market, the length of the sales cycle and the overall sales plan. By knowing the pros and cons of different sales commission plans, however, you have the best

The Most Viewed Sales Strategy Videos

  Wondering which are the most viewed sales strategy videos on YouTube? We have the answers. Here’s the top 12 most popular sales strategy-related videos. Each video has 1000s of views and could make a difference to your bottom line. Be sure to check them out.   Most Popular Sales Strategy Videos on YouTube   Best marketing strategy ever! Steve Jobs Think different (with subtitles) – 917,991 views Sales Strategies with

12 Popular Sales Compensation Articles of 2017

Looking for the top posts out there which will help you better understand sales compensation? You’ve come to the right place! The team at Sales Resource Group have crawled the internet and employed some pretty clever tools along the way – to find the most shared and visited content relating to sales comp in 2017. Here’s our top 12: The team at Sales Resource Group have crawled the web and

Ten Top Sales Blogs Every Sales Pro Should Know

Are you a sales leader looking for insights from others who’ve developed successful sales strategies? Are you new to sales and need to get up to speed fast? Perhaps you’re in another department and want to understand how what you do feeds into the sales funnel? We’ve done our homework and found 10 super sales blogs that will give you the tools to succeed in sales! Ten Awesome Sales Blogs

Sales Compensation: Buyer Behaviour and Decision-Making

The procurement function has professionalized more rapidly than the sales profession: They have become the “guardian of the cash” for companies. Sales deals with their client, but must contract with procurement. Pushed into the “price” vice… single sourcing. Terms……45 days    60 days         90 days Penalties for non-performance How do organizations deal with this situation? Does it affect the way that salespeople are selling? How should it affect the compensation of

What Goes into a Sales Comp Strategic Initiative?

Strategic Initiatives are a valuable management tool to initiate and reinforce desired behaviors in sales execution. They are initially administratively burdensome and require some time to polish and refine to ensure that they focus on the correct situations and behaviors. The sales organization will undergo some angst and disharmony until they become accustomed to creating and executing against them. Management will need to communicate clearly the intent and the expectations

paradigm shift

The Impact on Sales Compensation In Sales, Performance & Pay: Sales Compensation for the Future we discussed the changes to the existing sales paradigm. In this follow-up article we’ll consider how these changes have affected sales compensation initiatives. This shift in the sales paradigm has rendered many of the traditional “one-size-fits-all” sales compensation plans useless in the achievement of current and future sales and business goals. In fact, organizations that have plans in

Sales, Performance & Pay: Sales Compensation Trends

Sales Compensation Past, Present and Future Anyone who has “carried a bag” in a sales role over the past several decades will tell you that the world has changed. Selling in the past required an intimate knowledge of the company’s products and services and how to apply them, prospecting and closing skills, personal initiative and good verbal communications. In addition, to be successful, you needed to be able to get

Outsourced Sales Compensation

Outsourcing Your Sales Compensation Part 2: Identifying the “Right” Partner to Implement an Outsourced Sales Compensation Program   In part one of Outsourced Sales Compensation, we discussed the strategic nature of outsourcing the sales compensation program. The “right” sales compensation plan not only initiates and reinforces desired sales behaviour, but is integral in allowing the organization to reach or exceed annual sales goals. Further, when the sales organization maintains an inspirational

Top Salespeople and Creating the Right Environment

Creating the “Right” Environment In an effort to “align” salespeople to the goals and strategies of the company, many companies are developing sales compensation plans that are specific to the sales role and customer/territory situation that the individual is working in. This customized approach works particularly well within a framework that applies a common and consistent mix, target total compensation and measurement criteria relative to each role. In the framework