Do you often struggle with your internal customer relations?  Do you feel that whatever you do or say, it is never enough for your employees?

SRG’s HR Solutions can help you optimize your market advantage through the people that drive it!

At SRG – HR solutions, we have the ability to  build strong employee-employer relationships quickly and effortlessly based on years of experience.

Introducing this into your business model builds a harmonious and less conflicting working environment and improves employee motivation, which ultimately increases productivity and profits for the business.

HR Solutions

Building strong relationships also has a drastic effect on employee loyalty and and been proven to positively impact attendance and turnover.  This will substantially reduce your organization’s costs of hiring and training which can be extremely expensive.

Consider allowing our team of experts at SRG – HR Solutions to improve your organization’s overall success by offering the following services:

Employee Relations

If you are a small to mid-sized firm and are not looking for  hire an HR person full-time, this is where we can be of service to you.  With years of Canadian HR Labor Law experience, our team can easily counsel leaders on discipline and termination matters, thereby mitigating the risks to your organization. Our team of experts also offers a French bilingual service for other provinces such as Quebec or New Brunswick.

Engagement Meeting

Our team has the the experience of hosting employee meetings without the presence of leadership to get a true sense of what is going on in the organization.  Allowing your people to have a voice on workplace matters has been proven to be very effective in avoiding unions in an organization.   We have the ability to work with management to come to an agreement on such things health and safety concerns or  tools and resources required to do the job, to name a few.

DiSC Training for Leaders and Employees

DiSC provides all of  your employees with the tools necessary to understand that there are various personalities within an organization who have different preferences.  This tool allows them to understand one another better  and provides a more harmonious workforce that works better together.


New Leader Assimilation

The most important part of career growth and promotion is setting a new leader up for success right from the beginning.  Our New Leader Assimilation will provide the information necessary for both the leader and the employee to get to know one another on both a personal and professional level before the working relationship begins.  It sets the stage for success and this program comes highly recommended by those organizations who have used it in the past.

Leadership Coaching and Training

If you don’t have the resources to hire a full-time employee, our team can easily provide leadership coaching and training on an ‘as need’ basis.  Our suite of soft skills training programs include anything from coaching to feedback and optimizes profitability by improving employee motivation.

Ensuring AODA Compliance

With the introduction of AODA mandates in the past few years, it is more important than ever for you to  ensure all legal compliance is met.  Our team of certified AODA consultants can easily review your internal policies as well as your website to ensure compliance.

Performance Management

Maintaining a strong performance management system is very important so that employee goal align with organizational needs. Our team can review your current practices and either adjust to replace your system, depending on our findings.

Policies and Practices

If your organization does not currently have policies in place, we can easily put together a manual which will include the most updated changes according to the legislation in your jurisdiction.  If  you currently have a policy manual in place, we are happy to conduct an audit to ensure it contains the most up-to-date legislation.

Compensation and Benefits

We know that employers are often too busy to take the time to perform a market analysis on existing benefit plans.  Our team has proven success of reducing costs to the employer and employee and often improving benefit coverage.  Additionally, we have track record of  aligning compensation incentive plans that that are well positioned with your organizational goals to increase profitability.

Recruiting Expertise 

Need expert assistance hiring good quality candidates for your organization?  Our recruiters will ensure we hire the right people for the job each and every time.

HR Solutions

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The above are just some of the services that we can offer your organization. 

Schedule a call to discuss your business needs and align you with a consultant that will help you achieve the results you are looking for.