2024 SCDP Whitepaper Series

Sales Resource Group’s 35th Anniversary: A Legacy of Excellence

35 Years at the Forefront of Sales Compensation Mastery

This May 1st, 2024, join us in commemorating a milestone that’s 35 years strong.

From our first client to our 550th project, Sales Resource Group has stood as a beacon of innovation in Sales and Incentive Compensation consulting. As we look back at a journey marked by unparalleled expertise and transformative impacts, we invite you to be part of a future where every sales team can achieve extraordinary success.

What We Celebrate:

Global Impact

Reflecting on our most extensive project with a formidable client boasting $8.5 billion in annual revenue across 28 countries, we’ve catalyzed change on a global scale—transforming sales compensation, restructuring, and business transformation with finesse and agility.

Diverse Expertise

Our journey spans a vast array of industries—from manufacturing to fintech, pharma to retail, our projects have reshaped the sales compensation landscape, ensuring results and satisfaction in every venture.

SRG’s Anniversary Offering:

Monthly Whitepapers

Each month, we’ll unveil a whitepaper that dives deep into the essence of sales compensation design and strategy, offering tactical insights that can revolutionize your approach.

Exclusive First Release

Get immediate access to our first whitepaper, “Sales Compensation Ownership and Accountabilities,” a must-read that maps out the critical roles in design, management, and plan administration.

Be a Part of Our Story…

Celebrate With Us Now! Connect with a lineage of success and foresight. Whether you’re a returning client or a new face eager for change, we’re here to equip you with the best of consulting, research, and best practices in sales compensation.

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