The Sales Resource Group helps companies improve their sales performance and compensate their salespeople effectively. Our consultation, research, training and strategies helps organisations attract, motivate and retain the highest-performing salespeople.
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The Sales Environment is Changing!

We are being asked to do more with less. There are fewer feet on the street, customers are demanding more yet want to pay less. Competition is increasing and it often comes from large well-funded parent companies. How then, do we succeed? What is needed to enable more salespeople to achieve targets and sales managers to have the time for coaching and mentoring, as they should?

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Viable Plans and Clear Business Goals

To create a competitive advantage, it is essential for sales teams to have a viable plan that includes clear business goals and objectives aligned with the sales, marketing and services strategies. Once you have achieved this, the competencies required of your people, the information they will need to succeed and the right sales compensation plan to reward them will be clear.

Where Are the Results?

SRG's sales compensation planning, consultation, data analysis and training services will ensure your salespeople are motivated and perform at their best. Once you have successfully added the right programs, your sales teams will perform better and succeed more often. This means a big advantage over your competitors and an improved bottom line. 


“I would highly recommend this firm to any company who wants to take their sales incentives to the next level with a structured and well organized approach!“ Angie Parrish, CPP


The Sales Compensation Plan Audit is a critical element to the ongoing optimization of the sales compensation plan. We can evaluate your plans and determine where changes are needed to be more effective and sustain a competitive advantage.



Developing an effective sales compensation plan is essential to attract, motivate and retain exceptional sales talent. Our proven design process delivers outstanding sales performance by aligning with business / sales goals and tactical execution.


Our customized training programme enables your salespeople to differentiate your company from competitors, participate earlier in the buying conversation and influence the outcome of RFPs.


We offer a wide range of surveys which help companies understand quantitative and qualitative market information about how others in the market are managing and administering their sales compensation programs.


Sales Resource Group has helped many medium and large companies to design and better manage their sales compensation programs to get more from their customer-facing employees

To ensure that the sales compensation programs for their Canadian sales group were competitive with the market and focused on critical business objectives, Samsung engaged Sales Resource Group to review and make recommendations on their plans and to conduct a market assessment on compensation and policies. 

Shaw Communications was looking to implement Pay-for-Performance for their call centre sales roles. Sales Resource Group working as part of their design and implementation team played an integral part in delivering plans that impacted behaviour and improved business results.

Following restructuring, required an interim plan for sales until they could create and implement a new global sales compensation program. Sales Resource Group worked with their team to implement an interim plan that drove immediate results and behaviour change and also provided support to the design of the global program.

Softchoice Corporation required changes to their sales structure, market competitiveness and improvement in the design of their sales compensation plans. Sales Resource Group supported these changes through a strategic review and recommendations regarding structure, base pay, and program design.

After a major restructuring, MTS Allstream required a redesign of their sales compensation program to position it for growth. Sales Resource Group conducted an audit and redesign of incentives for all their sales roles to support their enterprise and mid-market sales groups and provided support for the implementation.

Aria wanted a greater focus for their sales compensation plans to drive sales of their proprietary software. Sales Resource Group worked with the management team to design and implement a plan that produced immediate behaviour change and resulted in increased sales opportunities and a focus on key performance indicators.

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