Preparing 2018 Sales Comp Plans – CPSA Podcast Interview with David Johnston

sales comp plan for 2018

The CPSA today launched a second series of their popular Sales Compensation podcast. In the first episode, SRG’s Dave Johnston spoke with host, Neil Kumar about the big factors to consider when planning sales for 2018. 

CPSA Sales Compensation Episode Topics Include:

* Who’s responsible for initiating and managing the process?
* How do you ensure that the compensation program aligns with the business goals and sales strategies of the business?
* Does finance get involved in the process? If so, how?

Want to hear more? Check out these bonus CPSA shows and soundbites here including: 

* When is the right time to start preparing for the coming year? How long will it take?
* How important is target setting in planning for 2018?
* What role does the Leadership Team play in the compensation planning for next year?

About David Johnston

David Johnston has a broad international consulting background and offers a participative approach when consulting with clients and over 25 years of experience working with organizations from diverse fields, such as broadcast media, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, retail manufacturing, membership organizations and financial services.

In addition to his consulting and management background, David holds Master’s Degrees in Clinical Psychology and Business Administration. He teaches Total Rewards, Communications and Sales Compensation for WorldatWork and is a member of the The Canadian Professional Sales Association.

About the CPSA

For as long as sales has existed in Canada, the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) has been there to support and advance sales professionals with tools, training, and resources that accelerate their success. Over the years, the association has helped to transform the sales industry, bringing in rigorous standards, ethical guidelines, and recognition programs that have professionalized sales and set the bar for excellence.

Today, the CPSA continues to shape the future of sales with innovative, forward-thinking programs that advance the profession and support sales professionals at every stage in achieving their goals. Their 20,000+ members include senior executives, entrepreneurs, sales managers, sales representatives and sale agents. We support them, and the broader sales community, in many ways.

About the Host: Neil Kumar

Neil Kumar is a former sales professional and current News Anchor at Toronto’s AM640 radio station.

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