Sales Resource Group Inc. combines best-in-class sales compensation services with powerful training and market analysis. We provide our clients with a complete sales compensation end-to-end strategy. Established in 1993, SRG has a proven track record of providing sales compensation expertise in diverse industries including financial, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution.

Three Decades of Experience

We are celebrating nearly 30 years of adding value to our clients through outstanding sales compensation design. The company has an unparallel reputation for delivering effective plans that produce results. A significant proportion of our work comes from clients that bring us back to address additional issues with their sales force performance.

We are professional, knowledgeable, creative and fun to work with as part of your design team. Try our approach and enjoy the benefits of motivated, high-performing sales teams

A Consultative Approach

We are different than most consulting firms in that we invest in the relationship and always agree to remain within proposed budgets unless the scope of the work changes. At Sales Resource Group, the job is done when the client is happy with the result. We clearly differentiate the roles of client and consultant. We provide our expertise in sales compensation design, project management and business acumen. 

As part of our process, we ensure that there is knowledge transfer to client. Participants and management involved in the process have a greater understanding of how sales compensation can be used effectively to influence behaviour and outcomes.


David Johnston is President of Sales Resource Group Inc.  He has a broad, international consulting background and offers experience, active participation and a Sales Resource Group approach to consulting with clients.

David has nearly 30 years’ experience consulting for organizations in diverse fields, such as broadcast and print media, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, retail, manufacturing and financial services.