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Effective Sales Compensation Plan

Practical Tips For Developing an Effective Sales Compensation Plan – Part 1 Your sales compensation plan is the key to hiring and retaining top sales talent. But striking the right balance is no simple feat — you need to find the sweet spot between keeping your expenses low and yet your pros’ compensation competitive. If salespeople don’t feel incentivised by the plan, they’ll seek other opportunities or simply become complacent

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Sales Compensation Strategies for Getting More From Middling Sales Pros Most business leaders are focused on rewarding and retaining top performers (aka the ‘breadwinners) with the assumption that by making the top lucrative enough, it will increase everyone else’s performance as they try to get there (which is a false presumption). Sales leadership and sales operations spend hours in meetings discussing how to design a sales incentive plan focused on

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A recent report from the Alexander Group’s Sales Compensation practice found that sales departments increased sales volume 5% in 2017. This was equal to the projected growth of 5% estimated at the end of December 2016 for 2017 performance. Meanwhile, sales leaders expect sales revenue to grow 6% this year. 2% was the median increase in incentive payments to sales personnel in 2017, matching the planned 2% increase anticipated at


Your sales team is vital to your company’s bottom line. The way your salespeople are recognised and compensated can have a huge impact of the revenue your organization can achieve. No sales comp plan is perfect but finding the correct balance between controlling the downsides while still reaping the positive effects will distinguish your from your competitors. In this SRG article,  we’ll discuss one of the most-used sales comp plan