August 2017

The Most Viewed Sales Strategy Videos

  Wondering which are the most viewed sales strategy videos on YouTube? We have the answers. Here’s the top 12 most popular sales strategy-related videos. Each video has 1000s of views and could make a difference to your bottom line. Be sure to check them out.   Most Popular Sales Strategy Videos on YouTube   Best marketing strategy ever! Steve Jobs Think different (with subtitles) – 917,991 views Sales Strategies with

12 Popular Sales Compensation Articles of 2017

Looking for the top posts out there which will help you better understand sales compensation? You’ve come to the right place! The team at Sales Resource Group have crawled the internet and employed some pretty clever tools along the way – to find the most shared and visited content relating to sales comp in 2017. Here’s our top 12: The team at Sales Resource Group have crawled the web and

Ten Top Sales Blogs Every Sales Pro Should Know

Are you a sales leader looking for insights from others who’ve developed successful sales strategies? Are you new to sales and need to get up to speed fast? Perhaps you’re in another department and want to understand how what you do feeds into the sales funnel? We’ve done our homework and found 10 super sales blogs that will give you the tools to succeed in sales! Ten Awesome Sales Blogs

sales comp podcast

How Can You Create a Sales Comp Plan for Millennials?   Listen to this snippet of advice from Dave Johnston on aligning your company culture and sales comp plans to the ever-growing Millennial workforce.   Another Helpful Tip Brought to You By The Sales Compensation & Strategy Podcast The Sales Compensation & Strategy Podcast by the Sales Resource Group offers sound bites and interviews relating to all things sales compensation-related. Join