Sales Resource Group President Provides Insights in HR Gazette

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InnovateWork Toronto Panellist David Johnston Offers His Take on People Analytics Ahead of Big HR Summit

The Sales Resource Group’s President, David Johnston, was published this week in Toronto-based HR publication, The HR Gazette.

David Johnston’s latest article is called People Analytics – Why We Need to Invest in More Than Just Data! and considers why so many incentive programs have failed to meet expectations, what are the root causes of lack of commitment and ownership by the executives, and how to create sales comp plans that will actually work.

Here’s a teaser…

Traditional management theory says that the more complete the information, the better the decision. Today, however, we have a plethora of data, but do we really have the information that we need to optimize human resource decision-making? In almost 30 years of management consulting, I have seen hundreds of major organizations who should have the resources and technologies to transform their data into cogent information to support good people decisions, but, many don’t. Why is that?

Analyzing data has many elements that are required for it to be effective for decision-making. Things such as access, timing, completeness, formatting, and integration are all critical factors in data utility. Until recently, the shepherds of the data who exerted control over these elements were in a system function while users while having the content knowledge and typically the decision makers were often told what data they would get and how they would get it.  This segregation of function in making decisions in most organizations not only inhibits good decision process but also leads to inappropriate or incorrect decisions being made.

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