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Your sales team is vital to your company’s bottom line. The way your salespeople are recognised and compensated can have a huge impact of the revenue your organization can achieve. No sales comp plan is perfect but finding the correct balance between controlling the downsides while still reaping the positive effects will distinguish your from your competitors. In this SRG article,  we’ll discuss one of the most-used sales comp plan

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One of the brands with which SRG collaborates is the Canadian Professional Sales Association. In addition to our team being members of the sales association, SRG President David Johnston has been a guest presenter, author, interviewee and even a podcast host with the CPSA! It’s been a fantastic journey so far and it’s important to get such opportunities to reach wider audiences of Sales professionals and business leaders in order

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The CPSA’S Sales Compensation show recently interviewed Sales Resource Group President, Dave Johnston. The episode considers strategies to reward and develop your best salespeople. Listen to this episode of the CPSA Sales Compensation Podcast and discover: * Why is it important to develop sales talent from within? * What are the critical elements in a successful development model? * When creating a development model, how do you set expectations? Want

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The CPSA today launched a second series of their popular Sales Compensation podcast. In the first episode, SRG’s Dave Johnston spoke with host, Neil Kumar about the big factors to consider when planning sales for 2018.  CPSA Sales Compensation Episode Topics Include: * Who’s responsible for initiating and managing the process? * How do you ensure that the compensation program aligns with the business goals and sales strategies of the business?

Sales Compensation Planning for 2018

While most sales organizations are pushing hard to deliver the sales results for 2017, it is not too early to start planning and preparing your sales compensation plans for 2018. World class sales compensation programs are a result of well organized and executed plans that closely align to the annual business goals and sales strategies of the company. Those organizations that struggle every year to get the desired results from

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There’s so much clutter on the web it can be difficult to know where to go to find top articles and reports relating to sales leadership. Our team has used some clever social listening tools to identify 25 of the most shared posts relating to sales leadership. Check out this list and get in touch to learn more about ways the Sales Resource Group can offer you the resources to


There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to which model of sales compensation is the right for an organisation. The commissions and benefits offered to your sales stars will depend on the products and services you provide, your target market, the length of the sales cycle and the overall sales plan. By knowing the pros and cons of different sales commission plans, however, you have the best

12 Popular Sales Compensation Articles of 2017

Looking for the top posts out there which will help you better understand sales compensation? You’ve come to the right place! The team at Sales Resource Group have crawled the internet and employed some pretty clever tools along the way – to find the most shared and visited content relating to sales comp in 2017. Here’s our top 12: The team at Sales Resource Group have crawled the web and

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How Can You Create a Sales Comp Plan for Millennials?   Listen to this snippet of advice from Dave Johnston on aligning your company culture and sales comp plans to the ever-growing Millennial workforce.   Another Helpful Tip Brought to You By The Sales Compensation & Strategy Podcast The Sales Compensation & Strategy Podcast by the Sales Resource Group offers sound bites and interviews relating to all things sales compensation-related. Join

Sales Compensation: Buyer Behaviour and Decision-Making

The procurement function has professionalized more rapidly than the sales profession: They have become the “guardian of the cash” for companies. Sales deals with their client, but must contract with procurement. Pushed into the “price” vice… single sourcing. Terms……45 days    60 days         90 days Penalties for non-performance How do organizations deal with this situation? Does it affect the way that salespeople are selling? How should it affect the compensation of